Conformational Dynamics of Matrix Metalloproteinase-1·Triple-Helical Peptide Complexes

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© 2017 American Chemical Society. Matrix metalloproteinase-1 (MMP-1) is a zinc-dependent protease that catalyzes hydrolysis of interstitial collagens. A previously reported X-ray crystallographic structure revealed specific interactions between a triple-helical peptide (THP) model of interstitial collagen and the hemopexin-like (HPX) and catalytic (CAT) domains of MMP-1. An NMR-based structure of MMP-1 in a complex with a different THP was also solved, where docking was used to model the MMP-1·THP interactions and develop a mechanism for the early stages of collagenolysis. To provide greater insight into and reveal specific details of the collagenolytic mechanism, molecular dynamics (MD) studies of the MMP-1·THP NMR-derived and X-ray crystallographic complexes were performed and compared. The "open/extended" conformation of the NMR-derived MMP-1·THP complex was found to lead to a catalytically productive complex. The X-ray crystallographic MMP-1·THP complex was initially in a "closed/collapsed" conformation, and did not yield a productive complex. The NMR-derived structure of the MMP-1·THP complex possessed many more atomistic interactions between MMP-1 and the THP compared with the X-ray crystallographic structure of the MMP-1·THP complex, and also had greater participation of MMP-1 in the local unwinding/destabilization of the THP. The atomistic interactions support the favorable energetics of the initial step of collagenolysis originating from the NMR-derived MMP-1·THP complex structure.

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Journal of Physical Chemistry B