Land use and the carbon cycle: Advances in integrated science, management, and policy

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© Cambridge University Press 2013. As governments and international institutions work to ameliorate the effects of anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions on global climate, there is an increasing need to understand how land-use and land-cover change is coupled to the carbon cycle, and how land management can be used to mitigate their effects. This book brings an interdisciplinary team of fifty-six international researchers to share novel approaches, concepts, theories, and knowledge on land use and the carbon cycle. The book examines how the social, political, economic, and ecosystem processes associated with land use and land management drive carbon flux and storage in terrestrial ecosystems. The central theme is that land use and land management are tightly integrated with the carbon cycle, and thus it is necessary to study these processes as a single natural-human system to improve carbon accounting and mitigate climate change. Land Use and the Carbon Cycle is an invaluable resource for advanced students, researchers, land-use planners, and policymakers in natural resources, geography, forestry, agricultural science, ecology, atmospheric science, and environmental economics.

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Land use and the Carbon Cycle: Advances in Integrated Science, Management, and Policy