State of science and gaps in our knowledge in relation to air pollution

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The IUFRO Research Group 7.04.00 "Impacts of Air Pollutants on Forest Ecosystems" in 1998 adopted, as one of its outputs from biennial international meetings, production of a series of general statements [Percy, et al., 1999, Water Air Soil Pollut. 116, 443-448] on the state of science from each of its Working Parties (WP). These discipline-oriented WP have continued to evolve in focus in tune with emerging issues and overall international research direction. The second IUFRO 7.04.00 report in this series emanating from concurrent sessions held during the 20th International Meeting for Specialists in Effects of Air Pollution on Forest Ecosystems "Air Pollution, Global Change and Forests in the New Millennium" follows. © 2003 Elsevier Science Ltd. All rights reserved.

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Developments in Environmental Science