Transient and harmonic overvoltages related to transformer and transmission line interaction during black start energization

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Copyright © 2003 IFAC. Restoration of the power grid following a blackout is a subject of major concern for all power utilities. Such a black start typically begins by starting small gas turbine or hydro generators and using them to backfeed the high-voltage grid, energizing one piece of the system at a time. However, the energization of high-voltage transmission lines and large transformers is a challenge, since this can result in a combination of transient and sustained harmonic resonant overvoltages which may cause damage to equipment and/or lead to surge arrester failure. This paper addresses the transient and harmonic overvoltages occurring during black start procedures, discusses the development of Electromagnetic Transient Program (EMTP) models, and presents simulation results. The results of EMTP simulation using more complex models compare more favorably to the event records than the results using simpler models. Based on comparisons with measurements, modeling requirements and some guidelines necessary for obtaining accurate results are provided.

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