A contig assembly program based on sensitive detection of fragment overlaps

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An effective computer program for assembling DNA fragments, the contig assembly program (CAP), has been developed. In the CAP program, a filter is used to eliminate quickly fragment pairs that could not possibly overlap, a dynamic programming algorithm is applied to compute the maximal-scoring overlapping alignment between each remaining pair of fragments, and a simple greedy approach is employed to assemble fragments in order of alignment scores. To identify the true fragment overlaps, the dynamic programming algorithm uses specially chosen sets of alignment parameters to tolerate sequencing errors and to penalize "mutational" changes between different copies of a repetitive sequence. The performance tests of the program on fragment data from genomic sequencing projects produced satisfactory results. The CAP program is efficient in computer time and memory; it took about 4 h to assemble a set of 1015 fragments into long contigs on a Sun workstation. © 1992 Academic Press, Inc. All rights reserved.

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