Technical classification system for soil survey interpretation

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This chapter reviews the principles and procedures of technical classification system for soil survey interpretation. Technical classification is a scheme for grouping together things that are similar. Early attempts at developing a technical classification system for interpreting soil surveys were centered on characterizing the crop-producing capacity of the soil. The diversity of uses of the soil survey supports the importance of the basic natural soil classification as a point of departure for interpretations. It is possible to prepare a variety of interpretations, and to develop new ones as the need arises, from the same soil survey. The seemingly high cost of the soil survey is justified on the basis of its flexibility and its ability to meet future demands as both the science and the art of land use change. Many of the properties that influence the behavior of soils in construction or other applications in engineering and, conversely, most of the properties that influence the growth of plants are related to soils as natural bodies. This relationship provides the key for translating natural soil bodies into groups of soils that behave alike within specified uses. © 1978, Academic Press Inc.

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Advances in Agronomy