Initial observations of the effects of gamma radiation on oxygen consumption, < sup> 32 P uptake and phycobiont of Cladonia sylvatica (L.) Hoffm.

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Observations of gamma irradiated and non-irradiated podetia of Cladonia sylvatica (L.) Hoffm. with respect to oxygen consumption, 32P uptake, and phycobiont damage indicated that the lichen was able to survive doses through 1000 krad for post-irradiation periods of at least 6 weeks. Physical damage, a slight browning of podetia, was noted immediately after doses of 2000 krad. No other macroscopic damage was noted at any of the other irradiation dosages. Oxygen consumption of the irradiated podetia paralleled that of the non-irradiated podetia indicating that the lichen survived the irradiation. Radiation damage was indicated by the reduced uptake of 32P by podetia which had received 1000 krad. Phycobiont damage was noted 2 weeks after doses of 100 krad, and immediately after doses of 1000 krad and 2000 krad. However, less than 10 per cent of the algal cells showed damage after the 6-week experimentation period. © 1973 Pergamon Press Ltd.

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Radiation Botany