Infrared and raman spectra of metal 1,2,4,5-benzenetetracarboxylates: Evidence for very short, strong hydrogen bonds

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Salts of 1,2,4,5-benzenetetracarboxylic acid with copper, aluminum, ammonium, cobalt(II), thallium(I), tin(II), uranyl ion, zinc, manganese, iron(II), nickel, potassium and sodium have been prepared and characterized by their IR spectra. The salts of aluminum, ammonium, thallium(I), tin(II), zinc, iron(II), nickel, potassium and sodium had not been reported before with adequate characterization. Raman spectra of selected compounds also aided structural interpretation. The IR spectra of Na2C10H4O8·2H2O, Fe(C10H5O8)2·12H2O, Zn(C10H5O8)2·12H2O, Ni(C10H5O8)2·12H2O, (NH4)3C10H3O8·H2O and CoC10H4O8·6H2O indicate very short, strong hydrogen bonds in these compounds. The IR and Raman spectra can be used to determine the mode of coordination (if any) of the carboxylate groups of 1,2,4,5- benzenetetracarboxylate to metal ions. © 1988.

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Inorganica Chimica Acta