On the Formability of Aluminum-Coated Steel Sheet

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Mild steel sheet coated with aluminum was characterized in terms of mechanical behavior and formability. The layer of aluminum, 7μm - 10μm thick, was deposited by a relatively recently developed version of physical vapor deposition (PVD). The uniqueness of this particular deposition process comes from the use of a steered arc. The substrate chosen for the study was deep-drawing quality steel of the type used in the automotive industry. Tension tests provided information on ductility. strain, and strength. A forming limit diagram (FLD) was constructed and angular stretch bend tests carried out to assess the formability of coated sheet. This study found a 40% increase in the yield stress of coated material over uncoated material. Additionally. coated material has lower formability than uncoated sheet. The majority of the properties of the coated sheet are attributable to strain aging of the steel (diffusion of carbon atoms to dislocations) brought about by the coating process. © 1993 CIRP.

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CIRP Annals - Manufacturing Technology