Analysis of Electro Discharge Machining of Cemented Carbides

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The difficulties of correlating Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) process parameters with the surface integrity aspects of machined cemented carbides have been recognized. These difficulties arise not only because of complex and random nature of spark phenomenon but also due to the complex composition and structure of the cemented carbide materials. This paper analyzes the surface profiles of spark eroded cemented carbide workpieces in the light of a recently introduced Data Dependent Systems approach to EDM. The parameters of a model obtained from such an analysis are shown to render fairly accurate values of technological factors such as material removal rate, surface roughness and electrode wear. Various grades of Kennametal cemented carbides are machined with conditions recommended by the CIRP's Scientific Technical Committee E. The application of a thermal model based on the Data Dependent Systems approach to predict material removal rate in this case is demonstrated. The possibility of relating the length of cracks with the machining parameters and material properties using such a thermal model is discussed. © 1981 CIRP.

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CIRP Annals - Manufacturing Technology