Magnetic powder MnO-Fe < inf> 2 O < inf> 3 composite - A novel material for the removal of azo-dye from water

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Fine powder adsorbents or catalysts often show better adsorptive or catalytic properties, but they encounter the difficulties of separation and recovery in application. In this study, four inexpensive magnetic powder MnO-Fe2O3 composites used as adsorbent-catalyst materials were prepared and characterized. These materials could be recovered efficiently by a magnetic separation method. Their adsorptive properties for the removal of an azo-dye, acid red B (ARB), from water and the regeneration of adsorbents containing ARB by catalytic combustion was studied. These powder adsorbents showed excellent adsorption towards ARB under acidic conditions. A very fast adsorption rate was observed and could be well described by a pseudo-second-order kinetics model. The adsorption capacity increased with increasing Fe content and surface area of the adsorbent, and the highest adsorption capacity of 105.3 mg/g was obtained at pH 3.5. The adsorption was not affected by the presence of Cl-, but was significantly affected by SO42-. The adsorbent containing ARB can be regenerated by catalytic combustion of adsorbed ARB at 400°C in air. Laboratory experiments demonstrated that this material is reusable. © 2004 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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Water Research