Hardware implementation of R-Goose for wide-area protection and coordination

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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering; Center for Cyber-Physical Systems


With the evolution of substation automation standards (IEC61850), it is possible to share protection and control information over wide-area network (WAN). The modern microprocessor based intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) equipped with IEC61850 communication capability allows implementation of wide-area protection and coordination between different substations with the help of virtual local area network (VLAN). IEC 61850-90-1/90-5 offers detailed guidelines on implementing VLAN based communication between substations that would enable to transmit GOOSE messages over WAN. In this paper, the implementation of inter substation coordination via routable GOOSE (R-GOOSE) is demonstrated and distance protection with permissive under reaching transfer trip (PUTT) and interlocking applications between two substations are studied. The main goal of the study is to demonstrate basic R-GOOSE message implementation at a laboratory level for wide-area protection and coordination applications.

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2018 IEEE/PES Transmission and Distribution Conference and Exposition (T&D)