Texture evolution in Mg-8Sn-1Zn-1Al alloy during hot compression via competition between twinning and dynamic precipitation

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© 2019 Elsevier B.V. Controlling the microstructure and texture of Mg-based alloys is of paramount importance aimed at improving their mechanical performances to an acceptable level required for automotive and aerospace applications. The effects of twinning and dynamic precipitation on texture evolution in the Mg-8Sn-1Zn-1Al alloy were investigated during the hot compression test at 473 K up to a logarithmic strain of 0.7 with strain rates ranging from 0.1 to 10 s −1 . The results indicate that the types and intensities of the texture strongly depend on the strain rates during hot compression. Texture evolution was thoroughly investigated in terms of type/fraction of twins, and twinning-induced dynamic recrystallized grains. Moreover, the hindering effect of dynamically precipitated Mg 2 Sn phases on the matrix lattice rotation was studied in detail. The findings provide a new insight into controlling the texture during the fabrication of wrought Mg alloys, which is critical for producing alloys suitable for high-performance applications.

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Materials Science and Engineering A