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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering; Center for Cyber-Physical Systems


Power-electronic interfacing based devices such as wind generators (WGs) and electrical vehicles (EVs) cause harmonic distortions on the power grid. Higher penetration and uncoordinated operation of WGs and EVs can lead to voltage and current harmonic distortions, which may exceed IEEE limits. It is interesting to note that WGs and EVs have some common harmonic profiles. Therefore, when EVs are connected to the grid, the harmonic pollution EVs impart onto the grid can be reduced to some extent by the amount of wind power injecting into the grid and vice versa. In this context, this work studies the impact of EVs on harmonic distortions and careful utilization of wind power to minimize the distortions in distribution feeders. For this, a harmonic unbalanced distribution feeder model is developed in OpenDSS and interfaced with Genetic Algorithm (GA) based optimization algorithm in MATLAB to solve optimal harmonic power flow (OHPF) problems. The developed OHPF model is first used to study impact of EV penetration on current/voltage total harmonic distortions (THDs) in distribution grids. Next, dispatch of WGs are found at different locations on the distribution grid to demonstrate reduction in the current/voltage THDs when EVs are charging.

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