Divergence and flutter instability of elastic specially orthotropic plates subject to follower forces

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Divergence and flutter instabilities of a rectangular, specially orthotropic plate (simply supported on a pair of opposite sides) subject to follower forces are computationally analyzed. The effects of the tangential follower parameter (η), aspect ratio (λ), boundary condition (on the side opposite the loaded edge), and material orthotropy on the magnitude of the critical load and the mode (divergence or flutter) of instability are detailed. For the three boundary conditions considered (built in, simply supported, and free free - for the side opposite the loaded edge) and given material orthotropy, the λ-η plane is divided into regions corresponding to different governing instabilities. Both the number and size of these regions depend strongly upon the boundary condition considered as does the governing instability. For a given boundary condition the configuration of the stability regions is independent of material orthotropy. Material orthotropy affects only the buckling loads corresponding to the instabilities and the size of the regions. © 2004 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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Journal of Sound and Vibration