A fiber Bragg grating sensor for radial artery pulse waveform measurement

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Department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics


In this paper, we report the design and experimental validation of a novel optical sensor for radial artery pulse measurement based on fiber Bragg grating (FBG) and lever amplification mechanism. Pulse waveform analysis is a diagnostic tool for clinical examination and disease diagnosis. High fidelity radial artery pulse waveform has been investigated in clinical studies for estimating central aortic pressure, which is proved to be predictors of cardiovascular diseases. As a three-dimensional cylinder, the radial artery needs to be examined from different locations to achieve optimal pulse waveform for estimation and diagnosis. The proposed optical sensing system is featured as high sensitivity and immunity to electromagnetic interference for multilocation radial artery pulse waveform measurement. The FBG sensor can achieve the sensitivity of 8.236 nm/N, which is comparable to a commonly used electrical sensor. This FBG-based system can provide high accurate measurement, and the key characteristic parameters can be then extracted from the raw signals for clinical applications. The detecting performance is validated through experiments guided by physicians. In the experimental validation, we applied this sensor to measure the pulse waveforms at various positions and depths of the radial artery in the wrist according to the diagnostic requirements. The results demonstrate the high feasibility of using optical systems for physiological measurement and using this FBG sensor for radial artery pulse waveform in clinical applications.

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IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering