Dislocations in second strain gradient elasticity

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A second strain gradient elasticity theory is proposed based on first and second gradients of the strain tensor. Such a theory is an extension of first strain gradient elasticity with double stresses. In particular, the strain energy depends on the strain tensor and on the first and second gradient terms of it. Using a simplified but straightforward version of this gradient theory, we can connect it with a static version of Eringen's nonlocal elasticity. For the first time, it is used to study a screw dislocation and an edge dislocation in second strain gradient elasticity. By means of this second gradient theory it is possible to eliminate both strain and stress singularities. Another important result is that we obtain nonsingular expressions for the force stresses, double stresses and triple stresses produced by a straight screw dislocation and a straight edge dislocation. The components of the force stresses and of the triple stresses have maximum values near the dislocation line and are zero there. On the other hand, the double stresses have maximum values at the dislocation line. The main feature is that it is possible to eliminate all unphysical singularities of physical fields, e.g., dislocation density tensor and elastic bend-twist tensor which are still singular in the first strain gradient elasticity. © 2005 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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International Journal of Solids and Structures