Influence of end-conditions during tube hydroforming of aluminum extrusions

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Tube hydroforming experiments were conducted to develop the forming limit diagram of AA6082-T4 by utilizing three types of end-conditions: (i) "free-end", (ii) "pinched-end" or "fixed-end" and (iii) "forced-end". It was found that "free-end" hydroforming gives the lowest forming limits followed by "pinched-end" and "forced-end" hydroforming. It was noticed that the tube failure occurs within 5° to the extrusion weld in the "free-end" experiments, within 7° in the "pinched-end" condition and extended up to 10° in the "forced-end" hydroforming experiments. Finite element simulations were carried out to capture the effects of the weld geometry, weld mechanical properties and the end-conditions of the extruded tube on the maximum induced stress and location of the maximum von Mises stress. It was found that the anisotropy of the weld material and the end-condition used during hydroforming experiments have the largest influence on the failure location with respect to the weld center. © 2004 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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International Journal of Mechanical Sciences