Screw dislocation in nonlocal anisotropic elasticity

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Based on Eringen's model of nonlocal anisotropic elasticity, new solutions for the stress fields of screw dislocations in anisotropic materials are derived. In the theory of nonlocal anisotropic elasticity the anisotropy is twofold. The anisotropic material behavior is not only included in the anisotropy of the elastic stiffness properties, but also in the anisotropy of the nonlocality which is expressed by the anisotropy of the length scale parameters, which is incorporated in the anisotropy of the nonlocal kernel function. Particularly, a new two-dimensional anisotropic kernel which is the Green function of a linear differential operator with three length scale parameters is derived analytically. New solutions for the stresses of straight screw dislocations in anisotropic (monoclinic and hexagonal) materials are found. The stresses do not have singularities and possess interesting features of anisotropy, which are presented and discussed. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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International Journal of Engineering Science