Crystal structures of MoCl 2(O)(O2)(OPMePh2)2 and Mixtures of MoCl2(O2) (OPPh3)2 and MoCl2(O)(O2)(OPPh3)2 : Allylic Alcohol Isomerization Studies using MoCl2(O)(O2)(OPMePh2)2

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Adding one equivalent of H2O2 to compounds of stoichiometry MoCl2(O)2(OPR3)2, OPR3 = OPMePh2 or OPPh3, leads to the formation of oxo-peroxo compounds MoCl2(O)(O2)(OPR3)2. The compound MoCl2(O)(O2)(OPMePh2)2 crystallized with an unequal disorder, 63%:37%, between the oxo and peroxo ligands, as verified by single-crystal X-ray diffractometry, and can be isolated in reasonable yields. MoCl2(O)(O2)(OPPh3)2, was not isolated in pure form, co-crystallized with MoCl2(O)2(OPPh3)2 in two ratios, 18%:82% and 12%:88%, respectively, and did not contain any disorder in the arrangement of the oxo and peroxo groups. These complexes accomplish the isomerization of various allylic alcohols. A mechanism of this reaction has been constructed based on 18O isotopic studies and involves exchange between the alcohol and metal bonded O atoms.

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Inorganica Chimica Acta