Benchmarking of hysteretic elements in topological transformer model

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© 2016 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved. Transformer core modeling is of importance for some transient studies like inrush currents, ferroresonance and geomagnetically induced current. This paper compares a transformer model with different magnetization representations to actual measurements. Piecewise nonlinear (Type 98) or hysteretic inductors (Type 96) both in parallel to a constant resistance, Jiles-Atherton hysteretic inductance and a newly developed inverse dynamic hysteresis model (DHM) are tested for open circuit response, residual flux after switching out, and inrush currents when energizing the transformer. The models have all problems of reproducing the magnetization current details and there are substantial differences between the models in residual flux estimation resulting in quite different inrush patterns. The DHM model is the easiest to use as few parameters are required and the model gives fairly well agreement with measurements.

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Electric Power Systems Research