Implementation and verification of the Hybrid Transformer model in ATPDraw

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The paper documents a new transformer model in ATPDraw called XFMR. This model handles three-phase transformers with two or three windings. Autotransformers and all Wye and Delta couplings are supported. The model includes an inverse inductance matrix for the leakage description, optional frequency dependent winding resistance, capacitive coupling, and a topologically correct core model (3- and 5-legged) with individual saturation and losses in legs and yokes. Three different sources of parameters are supported; typical values, standard test reports, and design information. The hybrid model XFMR is compared to the UMEC model in PSCAD showing good agreement at rated, stationary operation, but considerable differences in transient situations. Both models need further benchmarking and development to reproduce all switching transient behaviors properly. © 2008 Elsevier B.V.

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Electric Power Systems Research