Corrigendum to “Cost, energy use and GHG emissions for forest biomass harvesting operations” [Energy 114 (2016) 1053–1062] (S0360544216310118) (10.1016/

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© 2016 Elsevier Ltd The authors regret to inform that there are some typographical errors regarding citations in the original version of their article. The update is given below: 1. A new reference [59] is added to the end. [59] Abbas D., Handler R., Dykstra D., Hartsough B., Lautala P. Cost analysis of forest biomass supply chain logistics. J Forest 2013, 111(4).2. In Section 1, the last sentence should be amended to read, “The methods were used to evaluate a series of forest biomass harvesting scenarios differentiating harvesting systems, harvest types, and forest types that characterize Michigan's logging industry, as outlined in prior work [37].”3. The following sentence is added to the end in Section 1.1, “A cost assessment of Michigan wood supply for the same productivity, system configuration, harvest treatments was reported in 2009–2010 survey [37,59].”4. In Section 2.1, at the end of (1) and (2) [39] should be [37,38].5. In Section 2.2.2, line 26 of the first paragraph, [38] should be [37,38].6. In Section 2.3.1, line 8 of that paragraph, [39] should be [38].7. In Table 2 [39] should be [38].The authors would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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