Dynamical modeling procedure of a Li-ion battery pack suitable for real-time applications

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© 2015 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved. This paper presents the modeling of a 50 A h battery pack composed of 56 cells, taking into account real battery performance conditions imposed by the BMS control. The modeling procedure starts with a detailed analysis of experimental charge and discharge SOC tests. Results from these tests are used to obtain the battery model parameters at a realistic performance range (20-80% SOC). The model topology aims to better describe the finite charge contained in a battery pack. The model has been validated at three different SOC values in order to verify the model response at real battery pack operation conditions. The validation tests show that the battery pack model is able to simulate the real battery response with excellent accuracy in the range tested. The proposed modeling procedure is fully applicable to any Li-ion battery pack, regardless of the number of series or parallel cells or its rated capacity.

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Energy Conversion and Management