Littoral magnetic and Wwter column survey underwater glider

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Department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics


Water column survey is currently expensive due to the cost of platforms and operation. A new, low-cost sampling tool is required that can effectively measure the water column over a large area. This paper presents an underwater glider for littoral magnetic and water column survey. The focus is to bring Research Oriented Underwater Glider for Handson Investigative Engineering (ROUGHIE) from the proof-of-concept short range stage to long endurance operational readiness. The ROUGHIE has been designed and prototyped by the Nonlinear and Autonomous Systems Lab over the past 6 years and is already the most maneuverable internally actuated underwater glider due to its unique roll design. The ROUGHIE is capable of performing 3 meter radius turns in shallow water. With updates to robustness and ease of use, the platform will be a capable exploratory tool to aid marine research. The proposed design update includes upgrading the buoyancy system to a piezoelectric pump and updating the controller to a frontseat-backseat controller with a web based interface. The significant payload capability of the ROUGHIE will be used to haul a CTD, flourometer & turbidity sensor, and high quality magnetometer. With these sensors, the ROUGHIE will be able to accurately map dense oceanographic features.

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2018 IEEE/OES Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Workshop (AUV)