Design of double-layer ceramic absorbers for microwave heating

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We propose a guide for designing double-layer ceramic absorbers in microwave heating by optimizing the thickness based on the analysis of reflection loss (RL) of a double-layer absorber consisting of a high-loss SiC layer and a low-loss Al2O3 layer. The calculated reflection losses for individual layers of SiC and Al2O3 show that the former with a thickness of 0.0054 m has the maximum microwave absorption while the latter in the thickness range up to 0.1 m is identified as a poor microwave absorbing material with RL larger than -0.4 dB. By using a 0.0054-m-thick SiC layer as the susceptor, the absorption in the Al 2O3 layer and of the entire double-layer absorber increases significantly. The results demonstrate that high microwave absorption throughout the heating process can only be achieved in a sample with a small thickness in which a slight absorption peak shift during heating (less than one eighth-wavelength in the medium) occurs. © 2013 Elsevier Ltd and Techna Group S.r.l.

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Ceramics International