Uptake of 2,4-bis(Isopropylamino)-6-methylthio-s-triazine by Canna indica

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Aim: The aim of this study was to the removal potential of 2,4-bis (lsopropytamino)-6-methylthio-s-triazine by Canna from hydroponic media.

Methodology: Green house study was carried out to investigate the potential of Canna as phytoremediation of prometryn. Liquid-liquid extraction was used for extracting prometryn from nutrition solution. Solvent ultrasonic extraction was used for extracting prometryn from the plant and Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometer was used for determination.

Results: The results showed that. Canna could grow well in the prometryn spiked (0.5mg.l-1) nultrient solution. Canna uptake and removal of prometryn from the media were monitored for a period of first order kinetics, C=0.06023e 0.042t R2=0.9078 (without Canna), C=1.219e -0.232t(with Canna), R2=0.8191. The dissipation half-life (T1/2) was shortened by 17days, the dissipation time required for 99%(T0.99) prometryn was shortened from 109 days (without Canna) to 20 days (with Canna). Combined analysis with kinetic of prometryn in the solution and in the plants, the possible prometryn degradation by Canna occurred between day10 and day16.

Interpretation: The prelimilary result was encouraging and selected ways of prometryn removal.

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Journal of Environmental Biology