A singularity-free motion control algorithm for robot manipulators - A hybrid system approach

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This paper presents the design and implementation of a singularity-free tracking algorithm for robot manipulators using a hybrid system approach. A hybrid robot motion controller is designed to ensure feasible robot motion in the neighborhood of kinematic singularities. The hybrid control system has a two-layered hierarchical structure, a discrete layer and a continuous layer. The robot workspace is partitioned into subspaces based on the singular configurations of the robot. Switching between continuous controllers is involved when the robot travels across the subspaces. With the hybrid controller, the robot can work at the vicinity of singular configurations, but also can go through and stay at the singular configurations. The stability of the hybrid system is investigated using multiple Lyapunov function theory. Experimental results have demonstrated the advantages of the hybrid robot motion control method. © 2004 Published by Elsevier Ltd.

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