Assessing the mechanical responses for anisotropic multi-layered medium under harmonic moving load by Spectral Element Method (SEM)

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© 2018 Elsevier Inc. The article is concerned with the mechanical responses of anisotropic multi-layered medium under harmonic moving load. An analytical solution for two-dimensional anisotropic multi-layered medium subjected to harmonic moving load is devoted via Spectral Element Method (SEM), while the anisotropic property is approximated as transverse isotropy. Starting with the constitutive equations of transversely isotropic body and the governing equations of motion based on the loading properties. The analytical spectral elements in the wavenumber domain are obtained according to the principle of wave superposition and Fourier transformation. Then, the spectral global stiffness matrix of the multi-layered medium is derived by assembling the nodded stiffness matrices of all layers depended on the different interlayer conditions between the adjacent layers, i.e. sliding and bonded. The corresponding analytical solutions are achieved by taking the Fourier series and Inverse Fast Fourier Transform (IFFT) algorithm. Finally, some examples are given to validate the accuracy of the proposed analytical solution, and to demonstrate the impact of both anisotropy, top layer thickness, interlayer conditions, and loading properties (velocity and natural frequency) on the mechanical response of the multi-layered medium.

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Applied Mathematical Modelling