Synthesis, structures and applications of single component core-shell structured TiO2: A review

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Department of Materials Science and Engineering


TiO2 is the most important photocatalyst for numerous processes, but effective only under UV light irradiation due to its large band gap (3.0–3.2 eV). It is a long time goal to achieve visible light photocatalytic activity by tuning the band structure of TiO2. In recent years, the core-shell structured TiO2 has emerged as a novel material with enhanced visible light absorption and photocatalytic efficiency. It is generally recognized that core-shell structured materials are composite materials, namely, the core contains a component and the shell is comprised of another component. In contrast, the core-shell structured TiO2 is a single component core-shell structured material, in which the core and shell contain the same component but with different structures. As the first review for the single component core-shell structured TiO2, this article systemically evaluates the synthesis approaches of the novel core-shell TiO2 materials, discusses their unique structures, summarizes their applications, and provides a perspective for future research.

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