An Experimental Study of Beam Building Mechanisms Using Fully Grouted Bolts in Bedded Mine Rock

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SUMMARY An experimental analysis was conducted on beam models containing one row of mechanical or fully grouted bolts. The models were composed of six layers of 1/4 inch thick commercial grade plaster board, 5 1/4 inch wide and lengths of 25 and 36 inches. Strain gages were mounted on each layer of the beam to measure the strain distribution and the deflection at center was recorded. The results indicated the fully grouted bolts are much more effective in beam building than mechanical bolts. The strain gage data showed the beam building to be more complete at the center of the beam than at the ends. When the experimental values of reinforcement were compared to the present theory, the theory failed to accurately predict the reinforcement. © 1981, Elsevier Scientific Publishing Company.

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Developments in Geotechnical Engineering