Multi-Frame Image Restoration

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The goal of multiframe image restoration is to process a sequence of blurred imagery of a static object or scene with the purpose of recovering a single deblurred image. The imaging problems discussed in this chapter involve the detection and processing of electromagnetic fields after reflection or emission from a remote object or scene. The applications considered are all examples of planar incoherent imaging, wherein the object or scene is characterized by its incoherent reflectance or emission function. Multiframe image restoration is concerned with the improvement of imagery acquired in the presence of varying degradations. The degradations can arise from a variety of factors; the common examples include undersampling of the image data, uncontrolled platform or scene motion, system aberrations and instabilities, and wave propagation through atmospheric turbulence. In a typical application, a sequence of images (frames) is recorded about a static object or scene, and a single restored image is extracted through analog or digital signal processing. © 2005 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

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Handbook of Image and Video Processing