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This chapter discusses the role of educational solutions in solving environmental issues and bringing in sustainability revolution. To achieve a more equitable, and thus, sustainable world, individuals, communities, governments, and industries worldwide must adopt policies and practices that promote sustainable development. In fact, despite warnings from numerous authorities related to threats posed by problems such as climate change, loss of biological diversity, and depletion of nonrenewable resources, little progress has been made in implementing changes essential for a sustainable future. These changes must start in places where most changes are born, that is, household and educational institutions. One driver of this change in education is related to preparing students for the future. There are many educational solutions that can be used to assist in solving the world's environmental problems and thereby ultimately bringing in the sustainability revolution. These educational solutions require metadisciplinary approaches integrated for young to old audience, an emphasis on appropriate technology, the need for a global exchange of knowledge, realizing the importance of research to education, and understanding the importance of personal belief systems. Graduates of educational programs focused on sustainability can become influential leaders of their communities and in society. Graduates educated in this new way of thinking will be uniquely suited to meet the challenges of their households and communities, business, and government, as well as to pursue research and public service through positions in higher education. © 2005 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

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Environmental Solutions