Structural characterization of lignite coal and char with CaCl2

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Department of Chemical Engineering; Department of Chemistry


The purpose of this investigation was to determine the effect of adding 1.4% CaCl2 (by mass) to coal on both coal and char structure. It is the fourth study in a series related to boiler application involving this salt. In this study the effect of CaCl2 on density, pore structure, and compressibility of coal were investigated. To obtain information on the state of dispersion of the calcium a number of tests were undertaken which involved x-ray diffraction analysis, x-ray microanalysis and infrared analysis. The results indicated that addition of CaCl2 to coal did not alter the coal structure to any significant extent. However, the char from treated coal showed a more disordered structure. The results also showed that calcium was highly dispersed in char which explains its higher reactivity observed in a previous study.

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Fuel Processing Technology