Bending versus membrane theory in the design of fluid filled, circular cylindrical shells

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The note discusses the solutions which result from using Flügge's simpler membrane equations in the analysis of thin walled, fluid filled beam-type, circular cylindrical shells, simply supported over large spans. Comparisons are made with the more comprehensive bending equations in terms of the normal (longitudinal) stresses occurring at the center of the beam. A simple error analysis applied to each stress profile indicates that the variations are not merely a function of sectional slenderness, h2 12a2, where h and a are thickness and radius of shell respectively. It is shown that length is also important in weighing the relative merits of the two systems of equations. Instead of referring to longitudinal and circumferential half waves, as is done by Flügge, a simpler parameter, K, incorporating longitudinal and sectional slenderness, is seen to be significant. © 1984.

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Computers and Structures