Toxicity to Daphnia of the end products of wet oxidation of phenol and substituted phenols

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The process of wet oxidation breaks down organic substances in aqueous solution at elevated temperatures and pressures. Experimental wet oxidations were carried out on pure solutions of phenol, 2-chlorophenol and 4-nitrophenol. After 1-h wet oxidation, final concentrations of these compounds averaged 3% of their concentrations in the starting solutions. The toxicities of the starting compounds and the residual toxicity of the end-product solutions were measured with 48-h acute toxicity tests using Daphnia magna. The solutions of end products were all less toxic than the starting solutions by factors ranging from 10 to 120. However, the end-product solutions were somewhat more toxic than would be predicted from the known concentration of initial compound remaining in the solution of end products. © 1985.

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Water Research