Department head perspectives on the current CEPC and the BOK3

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Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geospatial Engineering


The ASCE Body of Knowledge 3 Task Committee has finalized and will soon publish the third edition of the Civil Engineering Body of Knowledge (CEBOK3). The second edition provided important information used in development of the Civil Engineering Program Criteria (CEPC) that have been in effect since the 2016-17 accreditation cycle. In similar fashion, the CEBOK3 will provide information that will be used in the next review of the CEPC, scheduled to begin in October 2020. The Civil Engineering Department Heads can provide valuable feedback on the importance of, and effort required to implement, the CEBOK3 undergraduate outcomes and ABET Civil Engineering Program Criteria (CEPC). Results and analysis of feedback gathered from the Civil Engineering Department Heads will be presented in this paper.

A survey addressing the CEBOK3 outcomes was developed and will be delivered through ASCE’s Department Head Collaborate online community. The intent of the survey is to capture the perspectives of civil engineering educators and leaders as related to the CEBOK3 and the CEPC. For each of the 21 outcomes listed in the CEBOK3 and individual curricular topics included in the CEPC, respondents are asked to provide feedback on: 1. importance of the Outcome, and 2. ease of implementing an Outcome or curricular topic into their existing civil engineering curriculum.

Demographic information is collected to characterize the program and institution (e.g., program size, public versus private, highest degree granted). Responses will be examined to identify any differences in feedback provided. Feedback from Civil Engineering Department Heads will provide important insight that will assist the ASCE education community in its work, and will assist in the next review and if needed, revision, of the CEPC.

COORDINATING NOTE: This abstract is submitted at the specific invitation and request of Tom Lenox the coordinator of the ASCE Liaison Committee’s session(s) for the Civil Engineering Division of ASEE in 2019. It should be considered for inclusion in the sessions on “Educational & Professional Issues of Strategic Importance to the Civil Engineering Profession – and ASCE.” that the ASCE Liaison Committee is organizing.

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