Effect of calcium chloride and calcium acetate on the reactivity of a lignite coal at low heating rate

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Department of Chemical Engineering; Department of Chemistry


The effect of calcium chloride and calcium acetate on the rate of decomposition of a lignite coal and its char was investigated under both pyrolysis and combustion conditions. The experiments were undertaken in a thermogravimetric analyzer under low (20°C min-1) and intermediate (2100°C min-1) heating rates. Both calcium chloride and calcium acetate slightly reduced the amount of coal decomposed at 105 N m-2 in a nitrogen atmosphere. However, the inhibiting effect of calcium acetate was dependent on the sample size and packing density. In the presence of oxygen, addition of calcium chloride to coal produced two opposite effects: at low temperatures an inhibiting effect due to the chloride and at higher temperatures a promoting effect due to the catalytic role of the calcium. Lastly, the additives reduced the apparent activation energy and increased the heat reaction of the lignite coal.

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Thermochimica Acta