Two families of analytic γ-plots and their influence upon homogeneous nucleation kinetics

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The equilibrium shapes corresponding to two different families of γ-plots are constructed. One γ-plot family comprises continuous variations from a sphere to an oblate ellipsoid. This set of γ-plots yields a sharp edge in the corresponding equilibrium shape when its aspect ratio is less than 1 √2. The other family consists of nephroids of revolution, varied in cross-sectional form from two slightly overlapping near-circles to an ellipse-like morphology. This family exhibits a facet at one boundary orientation in the equilibrium shape. For the analytical expression of the equilibrium shape, the ξ-vector formalism of Cahn and Hoffman is used and found to give results identical to those from the Euler-Lagrange method. The effects of the variations in equilibrium shape within the two families treated upon the principal parameters in the general equation for the time-dependent rate of nucleation are assessed in order to ascertain their relative influence on nucleation kinetics. © 1977.

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Surface Science