Microstructural strengthening in cold worked in situ Cu-14.8 Vol. % Fe composites

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Cu-14.8 vol. % Fe in situ fabricated composites have tensile strengths well above those predicted by the ROM. This increased strength correlates well with fiber spacing but not with prior composite deformation strain. Such microstructural scale strengthening also apparently explains data obtained previously on similar composites. This dependence of strength on scale serves to emphasize the hybrid nature of these fine composites as a mixture of conventional composites and microstructurally strengthened materials. It is worth emphasizing that while fiber spacing has been emphasized as the parameter to describe strengthening in the present work, it is better to think of this parameter in more general terms as representing the influence of the overall microstructural scale. Additionally, fiber size and shape undoubtedly play a concurrent role with that of fiber scale and their importance should rise as the volume fraction of the stronger fiber phase is increased. © 1981.

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Scripta Metallurgica