Basic Research Needs and Opportunities at the Solid-Liquid Interface

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Department of Materials Science and Engineering


In this paper the basic research needs and opportunities at S-L interfaces important in solar energy materials science are considered. It is concluded that needs exist in two areas, photoelectrochemistry and solar-energy-related degradation phenomena. Research is recommended (1) to develop special real-time in situ analytical techniques in order to probe and study S-L interfaces, (2) to formulate a theory that incorporates the properties of the S-L interface, (3) to generate new materials for photoelectrochemical conversion systems, (4) to study photo-assisted synthesis and electrocatelysis and (5) to investigate the mechanisms of electrochemical degradation (especially photocorrosion), mechanical degradation (especially corrosion fatigue) and erosion in solar energy systems. These recommendations, together with their background and justification, are discussed.

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Materials Science and Engineering