Thermally activated deformation of precipitation hardened beta titanium alloy single crystals

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The temperature dependence of the flow stress behavior has been measured from 77 to 740 K for age-hardenable β-phase (b.c.c.) Ti - 40 V - 1 Si alloy single crystals. Upon aging solution-treated crystals, an increase in the athermal yield stress at 740 K is accompanied by a decrease in the temperature dependence of the yield stress. Direct electron microscopy observations, slip character and work hardening behavior indicate that the precipitate particles are predominantly sheared in the conditions tested. The reduced temperature dependence of the yield stress with aging appears to be a result of: (a) the relative flow stress difference of screw versus edge dislocations moving through penetrable obstacles and (b) solute association which may occur during aging. © 1975.

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Materials Science and Engineering