The thermally activated solid-solution hardening of the ternary system: niobium-molybdenum-tungsten

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The temperature dependence of the flow stress of ultra-high-vacuumdegassed Nb-Mo-W single crystals has been investigated between 77 and 900 K. Tests of alloys containing up to 9.4 at.% (Mo+W) show that the thermal component of the flow stress exhibits little or no increase with increasing ternary-solute content for most of the alloys tested. Solid-solution softening is observed in the Nb-4.2Mo-W alloys at 77 K. The results are interpreted utilizing a phenomenological analysis of the solid-solution hardening increments. The analysis of the results suggests that a non-random solute distribution is responsible for reducing the thermally-activated, flow-stress component, especially in concentrated alloys with a Mo to W ratio of near unity. © 1975.

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Journal of The Less-Common Metals