ESR Spectral Line Intensity Ratios of Tetragonally Distorted Trivalent Chromium in Magnesium Oxide

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An apparent anomaly is reported in the relative line intensity ratios of certain ESR transitions due to trivalent chromium ions located at tetragonally symmetric sites in single crystals of magnesium oxide. The effect is manifested best when the Zeeman field vector is so directed as to be perpendicular to the fourfold axis of rotational symmetry of this center, a crystal cube edge, while being parallel to a second cube edge. At such an orientation a parallel and two perpendicular spectra are observed. Of these, the latter two fail to yield identical relative line intensity ratios. Further, it is observed that these ratios are dependent upon the polarization of the perturbing oscillatory magnetic field. A description and analysis is provided.

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Journal of Magnetic Resonance (1969)