Application of circularly polarized luminescence spectroscopy to the solution structure of racemic polyaminocarboxylate lanthanide (III) complexes

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Circularly polarized luminescence from 1:1 complexes of Eu(III) with triethylenetetra-aminehexaacetic acid (TTHA) following excitation with circularly polarized light is reported. This observation is consistent with a solution structure for this complex that is chiral, and stable on the emission time scale of Eu(III) (approximately 1.2ms). Additional measurements show only a slight dependence on temperature, and an estimate for the activation energy for racemization (23 kcal/mol) may be obtained. Attempts at detecting enantio-selective quenching of Tb(TTHA)3- by optically active Ru(phen)2+3 are also reported. Although significant quenching was observed, and the time-decay of the Tb(III) emission was not mono-exponential, no enantio-selectivity was found. This latter result may be interpreted in terms of the lack of discriminating short-range diastereomeric interactions between the chiral ion pairs. © 1994.

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Journal of Luminescence