An Investigation of Shock-Induced Fracture in a Lamellar Eutectic Two-Phase Metal Alloy

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Department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics


A preliminary study of the nature of dynamic fracture in a bi-phase lamellar eutectic metal is made by a finite-difference computer code simulation. Through the simulation, the mode and location of incipient fracture are predicted and compared to experimental results. The ease where an initially planar shock pulse traveling parallel to the direction of the lamellae is considered. Incipient fracture is predicted through the use of the cumulative damage spall model, based on a maximum principle stress criterion for the damage threshold.

Results of the simulation show that incipient fracture occurs in the intermetallic CoAl phase, and along the interphase boundary. Dynamic fracture experiments with soft recovery of the lamellar cobalt-aluminum eutectic using a bi-crystal have been performed. The experimental results indicate that incipient dynamic fracture occurs throughout the CoAl phase and along the interphase boundary at approximately the stress level predicted. Thus agreement between the experimental results and the simulation was achieved. © 1982.

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Supported by the National Science Foundation under grants DMR-76-02367101 and DMR 78-05741.

© 1982

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Engineering Fracture Mechanics