Linearly polarized luminescence spectra of Eu(2,6-pyridine-dicarboxylate) < sup> 3- < inf> 3 in hydroxylic solution

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Emission spectra and linearly polarized emission spectra are reported for Eu(2,6-pyridine-dicarboxylateDPA)3-3 in a hydroxylic glass (water/ethylene glycol, 1:2 by volume) at 157 K. The splitting pattern of the 7FJ←5D0(J=1, 2, 4) emission bands (in order of decreasing energy A2, E; E, E and E, A2, E, E) and their polarization anisotropies upon 465.8 nm irradiation are consistent with the complex having approximate D3 symmetry. The two 7F1←5D0 bands have predominantly (≳80%) magnetic dipole character. The polarization data upon excitation in the 290 nm absorption show that this band involves π→π* ligand transitions, polarized perpendicular to the C2 axis of the DPA ligand. The angle between the C3 axis of the complex and the normal vector to the plane of the pyridine ring is found to be 41°±5°. © 1993.

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Chemical Physics Letters