Direct spectroscopic detection of A′ < sup> 5 Σ < sup> + < inf> g state of N < inf> 2

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The A′ 5Σ+g state of N2 was detected for the first time in a direct measurement, using a high-resolution laser absorption technique within the C″ 5Πu ← A′ 5Σ+g (ν′ = 0 ← ν″ = 0) band. Evidence is given that the quintet state was created by means of an energy pooling reaction from the A 3Σ+u state in a pure nitrogen pulsed discharge. From the absolute density measurements of the quintet A′ state and its precursor triplet A state, the upper limit for the destruction rate coefficient of the A′ 5Σ state by a ground state molecular nitrogen was estimated to be 7 X 10-12 cm3 molecule-1 s-1. © 1993.

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Chemical Physics Letters