Effect of brucite fibers and early strength agent on cement stabilized macadam in Alpine regions

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Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geospatial Engineering


This paper aims to study the mechanical performance and durability properties of the brucite fiber reinforced cement stabilized base at the low-temperature condition. Five type samples with different fiber content were prepared, and the related mechanical performance and durability properties were examined. The test results indicated that the added brucite fiber could enhance both the mechanical and durability performance of the cement stabilized base. Specifically, it was found that the unconfined compressive/splitting tensile strength can reach at 3-day age and 7-day age could reach 41%/37% and 67%/67% respectively compared to the results at 28-day age. Furthermore, the added brucite fiber can reduce the drying shrinkage of the cementitious material and also improve its resistance to frost damage. The X-ray diffraction and Scanning Electron Microscopy tests were further conducted to examine the improvement mechanism of the brucite fiber reinforcement. It is found that the hydration degree of cement paste was enhanced with the added brucite fiber. The designed brucite fiber cement stabilized sample in this study is suitable for pavement construction in alpine regions.

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International Journal of Pavement Research and Technology