Charge weld effects on high cycle fatigue behavior of a hollow extruded AA6082 profile

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Fatigue properties of specimens taken from different locations along the length of a hollow AA6082 extrusion, where charge weld (interface between successive billets in multi-billet extrusions) properties and the degree of coring (accumulation of highly sheared billet surface material at back end of billet) are expected to vary, have been evaluated. The fatigue strength of transverse specimens containing charge welds is lower near the front of the extrusion where the charge weld separation is relatively large. The relationship between fatigue failure and charge weld separation appears to be directly related to charge weld properties. The lower fatigue properties of the specimens are likely associated with early overload fatigue failure along the charge weld interface. Coring does not appear to have significantly affected fatigue behavior. © 2010 ASM International.

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Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance